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What I Love About Being a Small Business Owner

SBA_NSBW2015_FINAL_v2For Small Business Week 2015 it only seems appropriate to write about what I like about small business ownership and operation.

I like being in charge.

Not that I want to be in charge of what others are doing or everything that happens at our business.  I want to be in charge of my destiny.  I want to be in charge of my own financial future.  I like being in charge of my own personal growth.  I don’t have to ask someone for a raise hoping they see my value the same way I do.  I get to prove my value by creating a better business to earn more money.

It means the world to me to be part of my community.

Working with other local business owners and supporting local efforts to make our city a better place is an amazing feeling.  To provide jobs and help people make a living and support their families – the more people we can provide jobs for the better I feel. Our physical community is very important, but the business community we get to be part of is great as well.  Being with like-minded business owners both physically and virtually is a wonderful feeling and a great place to learn both about myself and things I need to do better.

I like that I don’t have to do the same thing everyday.

I know there are jobs that provide this as well, but when you work for someone else this (along with almost anything else) can change without notice.  My professional life now compared to what it was a year ago, five years ago, and ten years ago is very different.  I get to remain excited and motivated about what I am doing.  If there is something that interests me and will also improve my business it is rewarding that I can choose to learn about it or fine tune that skill and have a place to put it into effect.  For example, digital technology is really intriguing to me, while we have a company that manages our SEO search I have been able to find someone that feeds my needs to allow me to be a part of it and teaches me new search management skills.  Another example was attending a free community seminar by Spin Web, to learn how to use custom audiences to increase our digital marketing traffic.  We work with a variety of great vendors that guide us in many areas, but I love to go in as an educated business owner.

I like solving problems.

I would tell anyone that has thought about opening their own business that it is a great experience and I would recommend it.  According to the Small Business Administration, many (5.5% or about 900,000 in 2011) self employed people had been unemployed the year before.  These are people who had their backs to the wall and had to figure something out. That leads me to another factor of small business ownership that I love-I get to solve problems, sometimes more than I would like in a given day.  You don’t get to choose which ones you want to solve, you don’t get to turn the page in the Sudoku book when you can’t figure out a particularly tough one, you have to solve them all.  And when you do solve that one you thought was unsolvable you get to celebrate in the knowledge that you have grown and developed.

There are no limits.

My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur and a small business owner is there is no ceiling on what we can accomplish.  The only thing that limits us is us.  We can do anything.

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