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Daddy, what did you do all day?

DADDYOver the years I have read a lot of “so you want to own your own business?” kind of books and articles and most of them seemed to be designed to scare you off. Not this one!

I have wanted to write one of these for a while now and I had a great day on Tuesday of this week that I thought I would share my “day in the life of” post.  My idea isn’t to scare you.  It also isn’t to show you how easy it is to be the owner.  I just want to share a day I had that I thought was telling about all the different things you can do in a single day as the owner of a small business.  And besides, its a question my kids ask me all the time!

This day revolved completely around me and my involvement with our massage studio, Elements.  I didn’t physically go to the golf course that day, although I did have several email and phone interactions with them.

The day started with my mastermind group from 8-11am.

I love this type of thing, especially to start the day.  The energy you can get from other like minded people is incredible and I would highly recommend it to anyone that doesn’t have a strong (and active) support group already.

I left there and headed straight home to meet my family for lunch.

This was the last day before our oldest started kindergarten and we wanted to have lunch together as a family.  Doing this meant skipping another networking opportunity, but the decision was clear and easy to make.  While work and growing the studio is very important, it doesn’t mean anything without loved ones.  The word “Family” comes first in a family business.

From lunch I headed across the street for an interview with a potential employee at the studio

(with a quick stop by home to change my shirt and pants because our youngest gave me a great big spaghetti hug at lunch…).  The interviewee didn’t show up…frustrating to say the least…pivot and move onto some phone interviews before my 3pm interview.  Those phone interviews set up two more in person interviews, one for 4pm today.

Knocked out a couple of administrative tasks, returned some emails, and had a needed conversation with an employee as she was leaving for the day.  All things that wouldn’t have happened if the interviewee had shown up, and I set another interview so I am a net positive for the day!

Conducted 3pm and 4pm interviews and immediately left to make a 5pm appointment at the Apple Store to get my phone fixed.  I got there relatively early because the appointment had been hard to come by and I didn’t want to miss it.  With the extra 20 minutes I had in the store I used their computers to do some research on another article I was working on.  I also met a gentlemen in line that I invited to a RainMakers event (the networking group that I am a part of). As Megan says frequently, you have to use your pockets of time when you get them. 

7pm in-house event at the studio.

After finishing up at the Apple Store I grabbed a quick bit to eat on the way to the house to see the boys and say goodnight to everyone before heading back to the studio for an in house event that started at 7pm.  These events are always fun but they do require that I bring energy for the whole night. I met some great people and got to know some that I already knew better.  It was also successful for us from a business standpoint because we booked several appointments.

The event ended at 9pm and after helping clean up the studio I met 3 of the guests for a drink at the cigar bar a couple of doors down.  We stayed long enough for one drink and I was home a little after 10pm.

Not a bad day and I got a ton accomplished.

If a day like this scares you, then you probably should think twice about opening your own small business, especially one that requires employees.  But days like this excite me.  They excite me because while it was busy, I got to do a lot of different things and it certainly wasn’t boring!

I feel like the Tim Ferris idea of the 4 hour work week and then go live on an island somewhere is somewhat far fetched for most of us (although I loved the book and took a ton from it!  I would highly recommend reading it.).  But I also think that most of us can’t pull off 7am to 11pm non-stop hustle like Gary Vaynerchuck (also someone I would highly recommend you check out).  The truth for most of us lies somewhere in the middle for the average day.  While there may be long days like the one described above, when you are the owner you get to set your own priorities.  You can make lunch with your kids a higher priority than a networking meeting.  If you work for someone else you may not have that option.

Life is a trade-off and for me the trade-off of some long days to set my own priorities is well worth it.

PS…at the end of almost everyday I take a very intentional reflection of the day.  What did I accomplish today?  What did I not accomplish today?  What could I have done better?  What was I great at?  It can be amazing sometimes how much you got done and didn’t even realize it!  The reverse can also be true, you felt busy all day and really didn’t do anything.  Either way, you aren’t going to know how to grow if you don’t take the time to reflect on the day.  I don’t usually write it all down but after writing this post I am going to start.

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  • melissa m. August 25, 2015, 3:54 pm

    Very inspiring article, Bill.. Although I’m no longer a small biz owner, the account of your day was very familiar. Your obvious passion for your family AND for your business is apparent.

    I hope to copy some of this passion, and put it to good work soon !

    Fairways & Greens …


    • Bill August 25, 2015, 10:58 pm

      Thanks, Melissa!

  • Bryce Rae August 25, 2015, 9:53 pm


    Great to hear such a positive attitude 🙂
    Most of the info out there is about Home Business.
    That is where my goals are. (personal reasons)
    It’s good to read an article with a different point of view.

    All the best,

  • Phoenicia August 27, 2015, 1:55 am

    Thank you for sharing a ‘typical day’ in your life. It is great that your family factor in your day. They are very much a part of your business.

    I like the idea of running my own business full-time; being my own boss, flexibility with rearing my children and running my home, doing exactly what I enjoy.

    I am sure no two days are the same!

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