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Resources-The Stuff we use in our Businesses

We thought it would be a good idea to pass along some of the tools that we use in our businesses.  Some of these are very specicific to our particular businesses and some of them are more generic business tools. These are only items that we have used and like.  There are tools that we have used or are using that we aren’t real fond of…you won’t find those on this page.

As we find other cool stuff that helps us run our businesses we’ll keep this section updated.

Quickbooks Online-What we love most about the online version is the accessibility.  As small business owners and operators we never know where we are going to be when we have a couple of minutes to enter some data or need to look something up.  With the online version and the associated apps we can access our financial information anywhere.

Mindbody Online-This is the scheduling and studio management software that we use.  While you need to have a specific type of business for this to work well for you, if you have a studio/class environment it works really well.  It is also web based and you can access it from anywhere.

Constant Contact-We use constant contact for our email marketing at both Elements and StonyCreek Golf Club.  The tools are powerful and it is really easy to make new templates.

WordPress-This site is written using WordPress as well as our site for StonyCreek.  Because Elements is a franchise we use their framework for our site, but if we could we would use WordPress for that as well.

Thesis Theme for WordPress-This site is built using the Thesis theme and it is wonderfully versatile and customization options are endless.

GoDaddy Hosting-We have tried several hosting services over the years and GoDaddy has wonderful customer service and great pricing.

Fiverr.com-If you haven’t tried this, you should!  It is a great way to get little jobs done that you don’t have the expertise to do.  And because it’s only $5 if you get something that isn’t quite right or you don’t like you aren’t out enough to be mad!

Canva.com-We haven’t found anything better to make quick and beautiful graphics for blog posts or social media applications.  You can upload your own graphics or they have a huge library of stock photos that start at just $1 each.