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Why I Like Messing Up!

Why I LikeMessing Up!Have you ever had an ordered screwed up at Starbucks?  You immediately get a new coffee fixed with no questions.  Here’s another one…I was at Disney with my family this winter and when my travel arrangements from the airport were messed up (by my travel agent, not them!) they offered to pay for my cab ride($90) back to the resort no questions asked.

Very seldom do you hear an amazing customer service story that doesn’t have at least a bit of redemption in it, and many times it has a ton of it!

Obviously our goal, as I am sure yours is too, is to make sure that everything is right every time and no one has a bad experience with us or our brand.  However, we all know that isn’t going to be the case and there are some great things that can come from making mistakes and having stumbles. [click to continue…]

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Operate with Intention

Operate with Intention (2)A few months ago I started a new workout routine and one of the items asked was to give space to my toes.  On the few occasions I’ve attended yoga classes they also always prompted, create space between your toes.  I would look down at my  pretty toes and think give each other some space but to no avail, they liked to stay close together.  However, in my new workout endeavor this was once again ask of me.  So I decided this must be possible, there must be people with toes like me that like staying cozy but can give each other space.  [click to continue…]

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Don't Take it PersonallyEasier said than done and I don’t think it is very good advice even if you can pull it off.  For most of us involved in small businesses we are very closely tied to that business and how it performs and interacts with its customers.  You should take it personally for several reasons.

  • It shows you care.
  • Many of us in the small business setting have personal assets tied up in our business. It’s hard to separate those.
  • Many of us that have a “day job” and another business have put a lot of our personal time into our business.
  • If you are involved in a family business-I am frequently standing next to my brother or my wife-the word family comes first and that is a pretty personal thing.
  • Time is the only commodity that we can’t get more of. If we spend our money now, but we make a bunch later it can even out.  If I choose to spend time on my business instead of doing something with my family, that time is gone.  This makes all the time we put into our business intensely personal and we should treat it that way.

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7 marketing advantages to being smaller

When we first opened our business I remember being extremely frustrated that we couldn’t do somethings that I felt like I wanted to do from a marketing perspective.  How were we going to get brand awareness without billboards all over town? How as anyone going to know who we were if we didn’t have a high budget television commercial?

I wanted to act like a huge, national brand because that was the advertising that was flashy and caught my eye.When Small isGreater than Big (1)

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that wasn’t possible.  But I also figured out it also wasn’t necessary or smart even if we could have afforded it.

What we found were some real advantages to being a small business in our marketing efforts.

  1. You can be very nimble.  You don’t have huge multinational ad campaigns running that were setup 9 months ago. We have the ability to change when we see something isn’t working. With digital marketing, which is a lot of what we do, you can make changes almost immediately with many items.
  2. You are more likely to be able to have an authentic voice.  [click to continue…]