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Outside Voice-Getting Opinions from Others

Get an Outside VoiceBill has a group and a coach that he interacts with on a monthly basis, I encouraged it and think it is a great group for him.

The other day he had a meeting with one of them and I ask how it went and what he got from it, he said that the main point was “Focusing on something allows it to expand.”    He followed that up with closing the door with someone that had ask him to start something new and realizing he needed to stay focused on current business tasks.  I was quiet and he ask if everything was okay.  In my mind I was thinking “Are
you f#$&*ing kidding me?”  I wrote a blog on being mono manically focused earlier this year and know I repeated multiple times in conversation with him by just focusing on this specific task it made many of my decisions clear and directed me to accomplishing that goal.

Now, we have been together for over 20 years and love and respect each other but let’s face it when you work with and live with Are you Kidding Me?the same person sometimes you just don’t hear the message.

For instance, last night our 5 year old got into our bed at some unknown, too early, hour for either of us to pry ourselves out of bed and put him in his. However, from that moment on sleep wasn’t great.  I am sure that things were said to me today that I won’t retain. Most of what I heard today sounded like that teacher from Charlie Brown and Snoopy, blah, blah, blah.

Other times as a business owner, spouse, and in our case parents to young kids you just sometimes tune things out in order to get things done.  While we schedule weekly business meetings, and we do stay true to topic during those, we talk business and family and a variety of other topics throughout any given day.  Occasionally, the message Bill said sinks in at that moment or in a day, week, month or year.  Other times not at all.  And I know the same happens to him.  It is hard when that happens to not think “augghhhhh!”

I will now finally get to my point… we all need other people in our business lives.  Hopefully, we are all lucky enough to respect our partner, but if we are together many hours of the day sometimes the noise is best broken by an outside voice.  While I would have loved for Bill to hear it from me, I am really glad that he has a venue to voice his thoughts, hear their thoughts and digest information.

While a group is great because you get a number of opinions and support. A group setting may not be right for you or may not even be practical.  I prefer one on one conversations. Find a person outside of your family circle to ask questions, bounce ideas off of and to listen to their suggestions. They may offer new light to an existing issue or just a space that we are ready to hear from.

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