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About Us

We (Megan and Bill Van Valer) met at Purdue University in 1995, currently live in Indianapolis, IN and have been married since 2002.  We have been lucky enough to have two wonderful boys, Rory and Graeme, as well as our family dog Charlie.

In 2012 we decided it was time we wanted to do something together, so we opened our 6 room massage studio, Elements.  During the process of opening and building that business we discussed keeping a blog so that our friends, family and potential customers could see our progress.  But there was so much stuff going on during that time that we didn’t get that accomplished.

So Why Do It Now?

There are a many books and other resources on many business topics, we didn’t find much on the day to day experiences and challenges that small business owners face.  We also didn’t find anything on working with a partner, whether a spouse or otherwise.

Before opening our franchise a salesperson for the company said that at some point we were going to have to take a “leap of faith” and if you open a business on your own you are taking the same leap.  Building and planning a business is an exciting and exhilarating time, but also lonely at times.  We want to share our experiences that are relatively common in building a small business.  While each of you and your businesses are unique, our experiences can provide ideas, support or maybe just a place to commiserate for a couple of minutes about the trials, tribulations and successes we small business owners experience.

We love new challenges and we are excited to share our day to day experiences along with some lessons learned (both good and bad!) with likeminded people.  Please understand that what we share here doesn’t guarantee success for your small business, but it is what has worked and not worked for us.

We would love to hear from you as well.  If you have something to ask or something to share that you think could help this community please be sure to share it with us!

Our History and Experience in a Nutshell

Bill has been a Golf Professional at StonyCreek Golf Club for the last 15 years where he has had the privilege to work very closely with his younger brother, John.  At StonyCreek there is a seasonal staff of close to 50 and a year round staff of 6.

Megan has had her own photography business, MV2 Photography for the last 15 years.

Bill and Megan operate Elements Therapeutic Massage Indianapolis together.  Our team at Elements includes 24 people.

Both of us attended Purdue University and neither of us has a degree in business or an MBA (Bill’s degree is in aviation management and Megan holds a bachelors in Advertising) but we do have experience in starting and operating small, family run & franchise businesses that we are excited to share with you. What we talk about isn’t theory.  What we talk about are our experiences, both good and bad.

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Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions or if there is anything you would like to know that we haven’t covered please let us know!

Megan and Bill Van Valer