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What to do when something goes wrong...No matter how hard you try, or how perfect your systems are, something is bound to go wrong at some point in time during your entrepreneurial journey.  Let me give you a few examples of what has gone wrong for us…

  • We have accidentally done something to make a customer mad
  • We made a bad hire that turned out to be horrible for our business
  • We have had weather so bad we can’t open because neither staff nor customers could get there

All of the above are things we have been through in the last few years and we have some advice on how to deal with a bad situation.

Don’t Ignore it.

That may sound ultra simple, but at times it can be the hardest thing in the world to do.  None of us want to call that upset client.  “Maybe if I just let it go she’ll go away.  It sounds like we have already lost her as a client anyway…” you may think to yourself, but don’t let it go.  The worst that happens when you deal with a bad situation is that it doesn’t immediately get any better.  [click to continue…]


Use Your Toolbox to Solve Problems

Use Your Toolbox to Solve ProblemsWe love to learn new things.  I think it is what has led us in the direction of being entrepreneurs.  Learning new stuff can be fun and can get you started on great new projects. But it can also be very easy to get stuck in your day to day routine…doing things the same way over and over again, even if it isn’t the best way to get it done.

There are many articles published on software or website tools available to the entrepreneur (we actually have one of those coming soon!), but the idea of using the tools you already have-experiences you’ve have had or people you know-is incredibly powerful and will serve you well. [click to continue…]


5 Steps for Completing Your 2016 Goals

5 Steps for Completing your GoalsHere we are, on January 1st of another year.  Most of us are going to take some time today to review what we want to accomplish in the coming year.  I hope you aren’t starting this process today.  I hope you started 8 weeks ago so you can go into 2016 on a strong roll

However, I know that many of us haven’t gotten that done.  I know that most of us have a long laundry list of stuff we haven’t done, both personally and professionally.  I know this because I am one of those people, but I have found a way to change that.

The other day I was looking at my list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2014.  It made me a bit sad because I didn’t get very many of them done.  But when I compared it to my list for 2015 I was happier.  I accomplished a lot more in 2015 and I want to share with you how I did it.

I have written out my goals for a while now.  But for a long time I stopped there.  I just wrote the big goal.  The problem with that is that when we write down a big goal like “lose 30 pounds” or “get 600 members at our studio” there are a ton of steps that do into making something like that happen.  The other problem is that time frame we typically give ourselves is too long. We use the whole year because we are focused on the calendar. [click to continue…]


Are You Gritty Enough?

There have recently been aAre lot of articles written about instilling “grit” in our kids to make them better learners. If it’s good for kids, then it’s good for us too! Grit is an important attribute for everyone, but especially for business owners and I think it is often over looked.

Before we go any further we need to define what grit is exactly…In the IMDB storyline of “True Grit” John Wayne’s character is someone who has “grit” and a reputation of getting things done. Sticking with something long term through the good times and the bad is what makes you gritty. Running the marathon of business ownership and not the 100 meter dash. The key here is the “long term” part. Fighting through one hard conversation with an employee isn’t grit, doing it every time it needs to be done is being gritty. [click to continue…]


What I am Most Thankful For…

Thanksgiving is always a time we talk about all the good stuff we have going on in Thankful...our lives and I wanted to take a minute to do just that.
The most important thing I am thankful for on a day to day basis is opportunity.  Now before you get all crazy and tell me that I should be thankful for my family and friends ahead of opportunity just give me second.
My family means the world to me, more than anything else.  I have an incredible wife that has challenged me to become what I am today and what I will be tomorrow.  I have two amazing sons that bring me more joy than I can possibly describe (they also challenge me but in a way that only a 5 & 3 year old can!).  But here is the thing, none of that is possible without opportunity.

[click to continue…]


Outside Voice-Getting Opinions from Others

Get an Outside VoiceBill has a group and a coach that he interacts with on a monthly basis, I encouraged it and think it is a great group for him.

The other day he had a meeting with one of them and I ask how it went and what he got from it, he said that the main point was “Focusing on something allows it to expand.”    He followed that up with closing the door with someone that had ask him to start something new and realizing he needed to stay focused on current business tasks.  I was quiet and he ask if everything was okay.  In my mind I was thinking “Are
you f#$&*ing kidding me?”  I wrote a blog on being mono manically focused earlier this year and know I repeated multiple times in conversation with him by just focusing on this specific task it made many of my decisions clear and directed me to accomplishing that goal. [click to continue…]


Ignoring Stuff is Good Business…Sometimes

DistractionsBusyworkNon-Mission CrititalA good friend of mine and fellow serial entrepreneur once told me the most successful people in the world are simply able to ignore more stuff than others.  Very True.  But we can’t ignore everything and when you are working with your spouse the concept of choosing what to ignore can get even harder.
The word ignore can lead us to some bad thoughts…ignoring stuff is bad.  We all hate to be ignored but we all need to ignore some stuff that is going on around us so we can get some real stuff done.
So what should you ignore?  Easy, stuff that doesn’t advance your plan and get you where you want to be.  The first step in executing that plan is knowing where you want to be.  Can you define your short term and long term goals very succinctly right now?  If you can’t then you can’t make a decision about whether something you are going to work on is worth doing or not.

[click to continue…]


Facebook Custom Audience for Small Biz Owners

I went to a networking meeting a while back and learned about something called FaceBook custom audiences.  It has taken a while to grow the list to a level that I could actually test it, but it has finally happened and now I have some stuff to share with you all about what I have learned.

I hear from people all the time that they are spending x amount of dollars a month on facebook ads and I always wonder if they are using the tools that make facebook ads so great.  I want to help demystify the marketing world in this area so that you, as a small business owner, can feel comfortable doing this on your own.  Or at least talking intelligently to the person you are going to pay to do it for you.  Just spending money on facebook doesn’t make a lot of sense, spending it wisely is great and very fruitful (and not very time consuming) from our experience. [click to continue…]


Stop Selling!

Stop Selling!I was having a conversation yesterday with one of my employees that we are always selling. We are selling when we are trying to get a date, we are selling when we are trying to get a job, we are always selling.  But we don’t have to always be pitching. Sometimes we are communicating and educating and learning.  There is a big difference between all of those…they are all part of the selling process, but not at all the same thing.

I got an email today from someone who had been introduced to me virtually by another member of the networking group I am a part of.  The email basically just started right in with a sales pitch.  Never asked me what I did or how they could help or what I needed help with. [click to continue…]